History of Halloween in Virginia - Open The Gateway
By: The Scream Freak

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The story of the RED VEIN ARMY continues into 2015. These dark practitioners of black magic from the basement of Red Vein Asylum have been patiently completing their extensive research into this esoteric art form. Found in the Book of Knowledge is an ancient spell that could open the gates of Dimension VI and release unspeakable creatures on Earth. In order to open the gateway, their master demands souls. The Scream Freak is the gatekeeper of Dimension VI... portal to the Underworld.

2015 Red Vein Army

Anima Captionem

This Wanderer of the Waste traps the essence of souls through black magic rituals in order to tear down the walls of the living and the dead. Her victims believe that her magic is to help them attain personal gain. Souls full of greed and deceit are easily trapped.


Mysterious is Janus. Badly burned in a ritual, her rage fuels her. She is known to remove the faces of her victims and wear them to cover her scars. Make her angry enough and she just might show you what's underneath.


After years of isolation, a hungry demon from Dimension VI has fully embodied Solita, allowing her to be released from solitude. Now she collects souls for nourishment. This demon knows she's ever so close to opening the gateway.

Sable Macabra

The Dark Sword.
The giver of pain, the taker of screams.
He is the joy of brutality, the happiness of woe, the delight of misery.
Kneel to him and you will live a slave of Scream Freak.
Stand to met your fate, and bow to
Scream Freak from beyond.
The end justifies the cause.


Ghastly, grim and ancient Raven wandering from the nightly shore.
A deadly trickster, his caw a scream of black wings suffocating your soul.
He is the rider on the shoulder of death
and the finder of dark places.
He feasts on the dead and should he find you, so shall follow terror.


Origin unknown

The Mute

The Mute has no place of birth. No life beyond it's service to the Dark. It has alligned itself with the RED VEIN ARMY in hopes to unlock the Gateway to Dimension VI and appease The Scream Freak. It has prolonging it's life through unspeakable  means, but assumed by some form of anicent Black Magik. The Mute collects screams and has a taste for flesh. Beware it's bite.

Marduk Munshun

Origin Unknown

Always looking for sacrifices to unlock the gateway.

Ailana Trevil

She doesn't like to discuss her past, but is passionate about sharing her plans for the future. Acquires souls for the Man in Grey by learning a victim's true name and recording it in her ledger, cursing her victims in the process. She enjoys collecting souvenirs for herself: bits of flesh or bone mostly, to entertain herself while working with her "family" to let the outsiders in.


Sybil acquires souls by harvesting screams in whatever manner possible, preferably torture. Enjoys: keeping pieces of her victims as souvenirs/jewelry, marshes and swamps, or any place people might get stranded.


Gerdie is a spirit that haunts children's wards, as there souls are innocent and easy to claim. When you hear her music box your soul is claimed for the master, or Scream Freak. She has a nasty habit of losing her skin so she sews it back on.


While originally human, she's trancended that after years of magical practice and deals with extraplanar beings. Because of this, her age and origin is unknown. The most noticeable deal she's made exchanged her eyes for the gift of Sight, so that she can hunt out information for the Man in Grey. The wounds where her eyes were never heal, so she always has fresh blood on her face, giving her the appearance of crying blood.


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