History of Halloween in Virginia - Cult of Scream Freak
By: Father Scream Freak

Release date 9/23/2014

2014 The Order


Dr. Cross was a college professor of religious studies at Miskatonic University. Research for his latest book on death and dying included an important visit to Egypt. There he studied ancient texts on Anubis, the god known to weigh a man's heart to determine whether a soul would be allowed to enter the realm of the dead. While studying the Egyptian death rites of passage, he was put in touch with a local man claiming to have experienced manifestations of an afterlife. This man gave him a compilation of notes on his personal visions, including his recollections on meeting with Anubis himself. The man also gave him information on contacting a doctor from the United States who had been known to lead very controversial afterlife experiments. After returning to America, Dr. Cross went straight to Virginia to meet this death expert named Dr. Kaerf. Two years later Dr. Cross' family finally found him living on the streets, screaming about wild visions regarding the Land of the Dead and special "Doors". Dr. Cross' family unwittingly signed his care over to Dr. Kaerf's institution known as Red Vein Asylum. They haven't seen or heard from Dr. Cross since.


In 1900 the Arbiter was born into a family with 4 generations of judicators on the eastern coast of Virginia. The family resided in a home close to the beach and went on regular sailing trips. She had a close relationship with her father throughout her youth. He was a man of ethics choosing to make evidence based choices rather than following spiritual laws. He was a man that was not thwarted from taking on defense cases for those who had occult history. These ideals drove him to teach his daughter to strive for higher goals than other women stating that until she’s proven she could not achieve or perform a task there was no excuse.

Given these surroundings the child thrived upon knowledge and read her families various collections of religion, science, history, and law. Living up to her father’s ideals she found that nothing was unattainable and set her goal to follow in her father’s footsteps in studying law to help those with occult back round that would otherwise have judgment passed upon them without evidence. In her college years she began diving further into occult studies learning of other people that worshiped creatures on other dimensions, some with blood sacrifice and gathering of other humans to perform medical enhancements. Nearly all the occult readings spoke of a Grey Man that could prolong life by dividing the walls between the living and the dead. Skeptical of this she asked her father about the Grey Man on her next trip home.

The family departed for their sailing trip as usual on a bright sunny day. The young girl approached her father asking about the Grey  Man and if he believed that it was possible to remove the wall between the living and the dead. Her father gave a strange smile and asked for her trust before striking her unconscious. The girl woke to see her family surrounding her in red cloaks holding candles that seemed to bleed. Frightened by the sight she tried to move away thinking her chances at sea were better than what appeared around her as she turned a grey figure about her father’s height faced her. He asked “are you ready to help judge those who would otherwise be lost to me? I need my daughter to help gather those who are capable of being true believers.”

The girl’s heart softened; with a smile she accepted her father’s wish. Her family blew out the candles but instead of darkness the girl was struck with a painful light. When the pain dimmed she could no longer see the faces of humans around her only the lights of their souls, showing her that even then there were those on that very ship that doubted her father in grey. Revealing each betrayer caused growths that ripped her skin apart. Her father explained her pain proved her love and that with her own acceptance the pain would become a joy.


Some books are best left unopened.

Some paths are best left untrodden.

Some dreams best left unremembered.

Dimensions beyond space and time are best left unimagined.

Some followers are rewarded with power or wealth or fame...... and some not.....

The black sheep of the woods has a thousand children and this is one.

Clematis Pontentum et vivet in aeternum.

Scream Freak Shall Live Forever!

Norma was part of the famous Brood Traveling Circus of Virginia in the mid-1800’s. Her fame as the Bearded Lady grew to immense heights, until the circus mysteriously disappeared in the Richmond, Virginia area around 1865. Norma popped up 2 years later as the headliner of Freaks, a show consisting of sideshow performers and fire spinners, which took place at a small studio in Petersburg, Virginia. The show lasted for only 3 weeks before the entire cast, sans Norma, was found slaughtered in the basement of the studio. Norma was captured and tried; sentenced to spend the rest of her life in an institution for the insane. A few weeks after her sentence, a local doctor name Dr. Kaerf had her transferred his own institution, the Red Vein Asylum, where it’s assumed she lived out the rest of her life. In 2014 a paranormal researcher came across writings, drawings, and even diary entries that Norma kept while locked up in the Asylum. The following is one of the most interesting passages…

“… heard chanting again… HE calls to me… stabs and cuts, blood and guts. MUST FOLLOW the voices. TOtheBASEMENT TOtheBASEMENT. the father. My FATHER. I pledge to you. PRAISE SCREAM FREAK…”

Percival was born to Jacob and Sarah Plainview in the small community of Morning Star, Virgina. Raised in an evangelical household which taught him from an early age that those who had the strongest, and loudest, conventions were to be respected- Young Percival began testifying and hold revivals from the moment he could walk and hold a microphone. On his 13th birthday, while experiencing the first desires of puberty, Percival was informed by his parents that they were leaders of a cult of the followers of Scream Freak. This explaining the sacrifices in blood and unusual rituals his community practiced compared to others towns. Inspired by the feelings of power that surged through him at his baptismal of blood into the Cult of Scream Freak, Percival decided to take it as his birthright to be the mouthpiece and a great evangelist to spread the teachings of Father Scream Freak. However, such power as given to him as often gone to his head and it is unknown if Father Scream Freak is more pleased with his growing following, or more annoyed with a preacher who thinks he is the heart of the following...

“ Have you accepted Father Scream Freak as your Lord and Master?”


After working with the self-entitled children of the upper-class for several years, Charlotte reached a breaking point. Year after year of being subjected to children who acted as though they didn’t know the meaning of the word “no”, would joke behind her back as she was trying to teach them lessons, and pass crude mocking drawings of her trying to maintain a pleasant demeanor in the midst of it all, along the self-entitled parents that went along with them drove her to take drastic measures. Posting classroom rules on appropriate conduct and manners made no difference, rewarding the two pupils who actually attempted to excel in their studies did nothing to encourage the others, and attempting to involve their parents in any sort of disciplinary measures had gotten her nowhere. One morning, before her students arrived, Charlotte doused her classroom in gasoline. When everyone arrived, amidst complaints of the stench, Charlotte instructed her class to remain seated and take a few minutes to contemplate how they would conduct themselves throughout the day. Then she took her two star pupils out to the playground to enjoy a bit of fresh air while the rest of the class reflected to themselves. Once the children were safely on the playground, she went to “check” on the rest of the class. When the school burned down, the townspeople labeled her a deranged psychopath and quickly ensured she was locked up tight, where she couldn’t harm any other innocent youths. When word of her actions reached Scream Freak, he sent one of his followers to free her. Now Charlotte travels with the Cult of Scream Freak, and ensures that followers old and new have the discipline necessary to properly spread the word of the great Father Scream Freak.

Magdalene is one of the many wives of Father Scream Freak. Worshipping him and him alone, she bears many children for Father Scream Freak and seeks new wives for him to create more offspring. Magdalene shares his legend with any human she comes in contact with by telling them the story of how she became his wife. After the death of Magdalene’s husband, she was desperate to again love unconditionally. Like a dark angel, Father Scream Freak drifted through the cold and rain one night and found her. Father Scream Freak shared with Magdalene his vision for a better humanity. A humanity without pain, without suffering, without death. That night Magdalene accepted this holy gift from Father Scream Freak and drank from the Red Chalice. She was then branded with his symbol, becoming his everlasting wife. Magdalene spends her days worshipping Father Scream Freak and spreading his message throughout the world, continuing to find new beautiful, young women in search of unconditional and eternal love.

Kaylie was the typical college student, with study sessions usually falling by the wayside to heavy partying, flirting, and socializing. Desiring more out of life, she stumbled upon a Women’s Empowerment Group getting together at a local college near Richmond, Virginia. Magdalene, the group’s leader, opened the meeting with a powerful speech, then handed each woman a black flower and asked them to repeat a phrase. This was Kaylie’s last known whereabouts before being spotted wearing a red cloak, walking briskly through a pathway near the campus of Virginia Commonwealth University. Witnesses say they could slightly make out her words, which included something about being her father’s vessel…

Answering the call of The Bride, The Vessel serves Father Scream Freak and only him. Functioning as another pathway through which humanity can better evolve towards a higher state of being, The Vessel brings forth offspring in accordance with her Father’s great plan. Chosen by Father Scream Freak and stripped of that which makes her human, The Vessel is the cup by which her Father drinks. Competition between The Brides in Father Scream Freak’s cult can change her seductive personality into an infuriating rage. Proceed with caution, as her loneliness is exceeded only by her madness.


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