History of Halloween in Virginia - Initiative 13
By: Dr. Scream Freak

Release date 9/25/2013

2013 Red Vein Army


Dr. Scream Freak was in need of a new assistant for executing his body modifications on specimens at the Red Vein Asylum in Virginia. His most recent assistant had proven to be unworthy of the position when she disobeyed Scream Freak's orders to remove the brain of a specimen without anesthetic.

A young woman visiting her mother in a local hospital caught his attention. She felt the doctors there were not taking the right course of treatment for patients and with her mother. The doctors spent time on ‘lost causes’ that should have been put out of their misery rather than treated without hope for recovery.

One case in particular was the patient in the room next to her mothers. Throughout the week her mother’s condition worsened without any acknowledgement from the staff. The terminal patient however seemed to get at least 1 visit per day from a doctor. On the 4th day the woman, disgusted with the nearly dead patient one room away, took it upon herself to put an end to this injustice. Leaving her mother, she entered the patient's room and locked the door behind her. Then taking the pillow from under the patient' sleeping head, ended her life.

Relived she had given her mother the best chance possible, she returned to her mothers’ side. Taking her mother's hand, while preparing to offer more words of encouragement, she noticed her mother was no longer alive. Her erratic behavior following this revelation caused her arrest.

While sitting in her jail cell, a man in white visited and made an offer. He'd give her the medical training needed to avenge her mother's needless death. All he asked for was her complete allegiance and never to question his orders. Blinded by anger and grief the woman agreed.

It was then that Dr. Scream Freak took her to the asylum. He was not about to take any chance on having to replace his assistant again, thus he made several robotic modifications to the woman. These modifications would take away any weakness in brain function affected by useless human emotion. Her new programming included all the medical information needed to assist in the coming experiments. Dr. Scream Freak had successfully engineered a robotic nurse with the predisposed notion for using the strong and disposing of the weak.


The last of the Asylum day staff had gone home for the evening. The night staff were starting to get the patients settled for the night. Carver, the groundskeeper, began his chores. He liked to harvest the vegetables from the asylum garden at night, less people running about and he could concentrate on the plants he had come to love. The moon moved behind some cloud in the sky and Carver looked up wondering where his light had gone. There was no cloud, in front of him stood a tall ominous man dressed in a doctor's coat, his face hidden in shadow. Before Carver could respond the figure grabbed carver clear off the ground and held him in the air. For the first time Carver saw the strangers face. Right before breaking Caver's neck the stranger said softly, "I have better work for you." Caver woke up with new eyes and covered in vines. The stranger looked over the Carver and said, "Harvest Caver, the crops are ripe. Time to take up your craft." He Handed Caver his tools and did not say another word.

It’s unknown when The Whistler came to be apart of Dr. Scream Freak’s Red Vein Asylum. In fact, if one were to see this creature out beyond the gates of the asylum, it would probably be the last vision their eyes would glance upon. The Whistler has gathered and brought almost every body or body part to Dr. Scream Freak for experimentation. It's loyality to the doctor knows no bounds. As a reward, Dr. Scream Freak gave The Whistler long arms and claws to gather and dispose of even more humans or anyting that tries to get in the way of Scream Freak's master vision. To see these monster appendages in action is absolutely terrifying. There have been rumors that Dr. Scream Freak allows The Whistler to use discarded body parts or even live humans for it's own medical experiments, although no human alive has seen what exactly these experiments entail. The Whistler received this name from Dr. Scream Freak because when the creature is in an excitable state (like when it meets new humans or starts a new medical experiment), it likes to whistle. It's face is made up of stiched together human flesh and on it's back it carries a sack full of body parts and bones. All humans have now been warned... keep your distance.

Banned from working in Nazi Germany because his methods and ideas were too extreme; Dr. Von Schlachter spent his life working underground, moving from place to place to continue his experiments to build the perfect race. His illicit contacts and growing desperation brought him to the attention of Dr. Scream Freak, who encouraged his activities and brought new focus to Dr. Von Schlachter work as Scream Freak’s research assistant.. Schlachter began taking pieces from the best subjects he could find, extending his life, and his depraved cruelty, indefinitely. Constantly needing to add more to reach his ‘perfection’ Dr. Von Schlachter serves Dr .Scream Freak ambitions to weaponize his creations, while providing Schlachter with a never ending supply of fresh subjects.


Dr. Scream Freak’s interest in mainly the human anatomy and also venomous spiders drove him to obsession and madness in finding a way to fuse together the two; the strength of a human and the venomous actions of one particularly deadly spider. After many years of searching and failed experiments, Dr. Scream Freak found what he was looking for in the dense forests of Brazil and came back to his Asylum lab with a family of wandering spiders and the dead body of a  beautiful young woman who had been bitten by one of the spiders.  There, in his lab, Dr. Scream Freak injected the woman’s deceased body with the deadly poison from multiple spiders, while at the same time injecting the body with a type of chemical Dr. Scream Freak uses on his experiments to bring them to life.  It was this mixture that made Phoneutria, named after the Brazilian Wandering Spider, came to be who she is now. A horrendous deadly creature hungry for human flesh, wandering the night in search of a midnight snack and Dr. Scream Freak's next experiment/victim. She  preys on the weak and frightened, luring humans into her thick and sticky web by her moans of helplessness and sadness. She cries out, “Someone please save me!”  She bites down hard on her victim and expels her poison into the victim’s bloodstream. In seconds the victim reaches a fatal end and dies, handed off to Dr. Scream Freak for his next project.

Experiment 75 affectionally know to Scream Freak as "the Bug" is a sucessful attempt at combining human and insect DNA. It has an obvious loathing for people and attempts to dismember them every chance it gets, usually vomiting up acid to slurp up the resulting softened gore and offal that it takes it's nourishment from. Perhaps it's revenge for how humans react to it's half brothern, perhaps its simply it's unknowable insectile and alien motivations whatever maybe the case it is a dark something that is all effceint killing machine with no emotional or moral stop guards to it's behavior.

Haliosapien, or "person of the sea", is an experimental being created by Dr. Scream Freak and his talented team of curiosities.  A biology major that lost herself in marine studies, Haliosapien became obsessed with all things water-dwelling.  As the obsession grew, so did her frustration with her inability to remain under water as long as she'd like. Haliosapien researched the various ways available to people to safely remain submerged for as long as possible - snorkeling, scuba diving, submarines - but none of it was enough.  Haliosapien wanted to be able to spend days at a time below the waves researching, observing, living with the sea creatures she had come to love.  Frustrated with the options available, Haliosapien began to look into less conventional methods.  It was during this research that Haliosapien discovered Dr. Scream Freak and his experiments at the Red Vein Asylum.  Enthralled by the possibility of being able to realize her dream, Haliosapien sought out the doctor to volunteer herself to become an experiment.  Dr. Scream Freak was surprised to have such a willing specimen, but wasted no time in beginning experiments on Haliosapien.  While Haliosapien is not a completed experiment, and is a work in progress, her gills and scales have helped her to come closer to realizing her dream of being able to live days at a time with the creatures she is so passionate about.  The cost?  Becoming one Dr. Scream Freak's Red Vein Army, a creature whose life would be dedicated to helping the good doctor harvest assorted bits and pieces of people - erm, things - and assisting in acquiring new specimens for future experiments.  Eager to begin her transformation, Haliosapien agreed to Dr. Scream Freak's terms and is ready to do her worst.


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