History of Halloween in Virginia - The Takeover
By: The Scream Freak

Release date 9/10/2012


2012 Old Ones

Name: The Engineer
Story: The Engineer was created by the oldest of the Scurbian gods to design and build the universe in the way that they saw fit. After years of doing their bidding, the Engineer grew tired of the their philosophies and constant compassion toward humanity. He felt humans did not deserve that type of grace! Around this time, the Grey Man approached The Engineer with plans he had for a new universe and a new reality. The Grey Man convinced The Engineer to join his ranks, and tasked him with the creation of the Old Ones. His job also included hiding them in the very depths of the universe until such time that they will need to be called upon to destroy this universe in favor of a new one.
Name: Samhain
And so it is, we gather again,
The feast of our dead to begin.
Our Ancients, our Ancestors we invite, Come!
And follow the setting of the sun.

Whom do we call? We call them by name...

The Ancients have come! Here with us stand
Where ever the country, where ever the land
They leave us not, to travel alone;
Flesh of our flesh, bone of our bone!

Grandmothers, Grandfathers, Great be their Power!
Past ones and present-at this very hour!

Welcome within are the dead who are kin,
Feast here with us and rest here within
Our hearth is your hearth and welcome to thee;
Old tales to tell and new visions to see!

The Spirit of Halloween!
Name: Lamia
Story: At a time when Zeus and Hera ruled over this Earth, lived Lamia, a beautiful Libyan queen and daughter of Hecate, the Goddess of fire, the Moon, witchcraft, necromancy and poisonous plants. She ruled over Libya for some time with her two young sons and her king by her side. Unfortunately, Hera saw fit to exact her wrath on Lamia and forced her to eat her sons alive. Naturally upon finding this out, her husband shunned her, disgusted by her hideous deed. Driven mad by the sound of her sons screams, the taste of her flesh, and her recent abandonment, Lamia gathered up the bones of her children and was transformed into a daemon who's body was now less human than it was snake.

With her new form reflecting the monster she had become, she scoured Europe in search of lost children. Lamia devoured many, but the taste of them alone didn't satisfy her hunger for long. She turned her gaze to young men as well, seducing them only to feed on their blood then leave them behind to die.

Mothers all across Europe used the tale of Lamia as a sort of "Boogeyman" to keep misbehaving children in line. Little did they know Lamia actually existed and was envious of mothers and their children, a bond she would never feel again.

Zeus saw fit to attempt to sooth the beasts pain by granting her the gift of prophecy. Lamia only used this in combination with her natural abilities as Hecate's daughter to assure mothers that their children would only bring them misfortune and strife, so that she could devour the wayward children.

The Grey Man has brought Lamia to Virginia to assist him and the rest of the Old Ones in bringing about the End Times. Lamia's plan is to lead all husbands astray, savoring the taste of the flesh of their children, and leaving the mothers behind so that they may feel the pain she has felt for thousands of years.
Name: Cizin
Story: Long ago in the days of Ancient Mayan civilization, Cizin ‘the stinking one’ known to the Mayans for the earthquakes and death he brought, was labeled the Mayan earthquake god and god of death. He ruled the subterranean land of the dead with an iron fist in a purgatory where all souls except those of soldiers killed in battle and women who died in childbirth spent some time. Those who committed suicide were doomed to his realm for eternity. Cizin may have possibly been one aspect of a malevolent underworld deity who manifested himself under several names, each one deceitful and used to lead humans into the Land of the Dead.

Ixtab, another ancient Mayan god, was believed to lead the Mayans directly to the World Tree, or a paradise after death.  Her eyes were closed in death and on one of her cheeks bared a black circle, representing the putrid discoloration of flesh due to decomposition. In Ancient Mayan Society, suicide by hanging was an acceptable way for one to die. Cizin used ‘Ixtab’ to glorify the idea of this to easily gather more souls into purgatory. Ixtab also appeared at night in the form of a beautiful long-haired woman who lured them deep into a nearby forest, offering pleasure to young men, and then losing them in the woods. Those who returned went mad with desire pining for her love, and those who did not were lost forever in the forest.  Regardless of whether or not those men retuned to their homes or remained lost in the woods, they all either went mad or grew so distraught that they eventually took their own lives.

Known as the god of the underworld, Yum Cimil ruled his domain known to the Mayans as Xibalba. This Mayan god of the dead specifically ruled over Mitnal, the lowest and most horrible of the nine hells. His bathed himself in human misery and basked in their misery. Yum Cimil was quite fond of his adornments, all intricately made of puny human bone, as well as a collar he fancied, made of severed human eyeballs.

When the Mayans died out, so did much of their beliefs in their old gods. Humans have forgotten what it is like to praise the old gods, and have lost faith. Their lost faith will cost them dearly, as The Scream Freak has been working diligently throughout the past millennia.  The Scream Freak had The Engineer raise Cizin, but in a way that this world has never seen her before. The blood spell she was under caused her form to reincarnate itself in a coalescence of several of the Mayan gods of old – including Yum Cimil and Ixtab. This goddess' sole purpose is to crave human blood and flesh in a way that will only result in bringing torture to those she encounters. Watch as she draws all the blood from their bodies, making eternal damnation in the darkest pits of Mitnal their only salvation.
Name: Trofast of Loke (Faithful of Loki)
Story: The Viking gods grew weary of the seeds of discord the god Loki was sowing amongst them. Loki told secrets of the evils Odin had done to man in the past and bed which he had shared with Thor’s wife. To silence Loki, Thor snuck up on Loki and landed a mighty blow to the back of his head with his wicked hammer. Loki was cast down to hell and bound to a rock there with the entrails of one of his beloved sons and a serpent dripped venom down upon his head to further immobilize him. Loki’s writhes of agony still shake the earth today as mighty earthquakes. The Vikings told this tale as though Loki were a liar and a trickster and that he got what he deserved. But there were those who knew the truth and vowed to release Loki and help him enact his vengeance upon man and god alike.

Trofast is Loki’s greatest priest and so shared his master’s fate… Loki’s other son the great wolf Narfi, whom The Scream Freak had come to know as Croatoan, was sent to hell and to chew through the bounds of his father and great priest and in doing so help to bring Ragnorock (the great destruction) to earth. Alas the serpent bit Croatoan before he could free the god but not before Trofast was freed. Trofast fled knowing the wrath of gods was upon him. He has joined with The Scream Freak and other godlings to bring a rain of blood and death to the earth. Trofast collects the intestines of his victims to one day return justice to the one eyed bastard Odin and his haughty son Thor.
Name: Frost
Story: Unlike the gremlins in the marshes of Grumlapart or the trolls in the Forest Tora, the goblin Frost was created before The Human Experiment of Dimension III. Raised in the harsh elements that contributed to the formation of Earth, Frost and his Army survived in the Ice Realms parallel to the Land of the Dead. When the Grey Man traveled through the swirling light, he offered Frost a life of peace if the creature would share his secret to seeing inside a soul. Frost was close to gaining The Great Awareness through the growth of his Third Eye. The Grey Man tempted Frost with the idea of testing his powers on a new species called humans. After joining the Grey Man 's group, Frost gained a taste for blood during his long meditation states under the Earth's crust. Once released from The Lair by The Engineer, Frost learned to love manipulating human emotions by looking into their souls and at their fears. Frost is known to keep trophies from his favorite victims and adorn his robe with them.


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