History of Halloween in Virginia - The Beginning
By: Mr. Scream Freak

Release date 9/1/2011


2011 Minions

Name: Faunus Lotus
Alias: The Shepherd, Sandman, Piper of Pan, The Hunter
Place of Origin: Dimension VI

The satyr Faunus Lotus entered Earth Realm around the year 2,650 BC to bless the Fall Harvest for his master, Hylinus the Great. Hylinus the Great was one of the most influential leaders in ancient Greece society and brought peace and prosperity to all surrounding civilizations. He was even credited with the increased innovations of advanced technology throughout the world and had a hand in the architecture behind the Great Pyramids of Egypt. One night Hylinus was visited by a strange, but seemingly wise man wearing an amazingly white tunic. This man claimed to have knowledge beyond that of the known world and promised Hylinus the ability to end war and famine forever. All he needed to do was bless the season from a son of the god Bacchus. Unbeknowest to Hylinus, Bacchus was a fallen Scribe of the destroyed Scurbian society, and had formed Faunus Lotus in the cursed Dimension VI. Faunus was Bacchus’ most intelligent and evil creation and became Bacchus’ right hand man until Faunus destroyed him in the Everlasting Fire. Finally broken free of Bacchus’ control, Faunus turned his attention to finding the Book of Knowledge, which included ways to control all dimensions. Before this was able to happen, Hylinus summoned him through the blessing of the season. This old magic put Faunus under Hylinus control. After several hundred years, Faunus found a creature from the depths of the ocean to once again set him free. Now called upon by The Scream Freak, Faunus has been asked to Bless this Fall Season. Be warned! His Shepherds Staff has been known to steal screams! And with enough screams, The Shepherd will once again be free to search for the ultimate power he so covets.
Name: Clea Vaudou
Alias: Doll, Baby, Scream Freak’s Pet
Place of Origin: New Orleans

Clea Vaudou was a voodoo queen living in New Orleans during the Victorian Era. During one of her nightly rituals, the town folk came to burn down her house. Clea’s body in flames and close to death, she ran out of the building in an effort to save her soul, and was able to soul jump into a little girl’s doll. Many years passed and the doll was passed along through generations, eventually making it’s way up to the Commonwealth of Virginia into the hands of Lord Byron Cooper. He had won it through a game of cards off of a salesman in Arizona. The eyes of the doll looked almost lifelike to him and he knew his teenage daughter would love to have it. After a couple years passed, a strange southern gentleman with a large white jacket knocked on his door claiming to be the original owner of the doll. Lord Byron, disturbed by the gentleman’s odd request to reclaim the doll as well as his general demeanor, asked the stranger to kindly leave and closed the door in his face. That same night, Lord Byron was woken up to the sounds of his daughter’s screams and ran upstairs to her room. He burst open her door and was could not believe his eyes. The same odd southern gentleman, now with a grotesque and decomposed face, was standing over her bed and chanting a strange dialect. A bright, glowing light was coming from a small object he was holding in his hand. Lord Byron jumped at the intruder and suddenly a bright flash enveloped his daughter and her doll. After wrestling with the man in the white jacket, Lord Byron looked up at his daughter’s bed and in the candlelight saw her eyes. He was shocked to see they now looked exactly like the dolls. A candle knocked over onto the bed and caught the doll on fire. Horror filled Lord Byron’s ears as he heard his daughter’s screams again, this time coming from the doll itself. Then another scream, deeper and older sounding, pierced through the room. This time coming from the body that used to belong to Lord Byron's daughter. The quickly spreading fire was starting to consume her as well. In one motion the southern gentleman snatched her up in his arms and they disappeared into thin air.
Name: Esmeralda Alonza De La Plya (Emerald, to conquer, of the Ocean)
Alias: Esmeralda, Esme, Dragon of the Ocean
Place of Origin: Deepest Depths of the Sea

Esme's age is unknown even to herself, as dragons can live for many millenniums. She’s known for her sorcery skills and being able to shape shift into a human form has allowed her to overthrow many kingdoms. Her first conquests were of ships in the open sea where she was more commonly known as “The Green Dragon of the Ocean”. Her greed caused her downward spiral. Sinking ships and gaining their treasures left her yearning for more. This led her to study human habits on land. She learned different taboos of each kingdom with ease and then would take the shape of the most beautiful maiden, ones betrothed to the king. Once officially in that position of power, she would bewitch them to do her bidding. This often meant starting wars with other kingdoms and using them as pawns to gain even more control. Over the generations, stories of this powerful dragon would travel far and wide, but no king took them seriously. Esme used their arrogance to her advantage. During her time in power, she would often spend time with the kings' wizards to expand her magical knowledge. Then once she had her fill of a kingdom and expanded her power as far as it would go, she would cause its self-destruction, essentially building her own history.

Much like she did with the ships in the ocean, Esme kept the treasures of each kingdom, often wearing her favorites as trophies. Keeping a human shape did use a lot of her power and in all her conquests she searched for something that would allow her to sustain this shape for longer periods of time. Over several hundred years, she learned of a treasure that would make her the most powerful entity in the entire world, The Book of Knowledge. A satyr from Dimension VI promised Esme knowledge of this book after she agreed to help free him from his servitude to Hylinus the Great. Soon after helping him escape, she became aware of an attack on her powers by another creature. A spell of ancient magic was called to keep her in human form. At first the effect was minimal, but over time her powers started to fade. Soon "the green dragon of the ocean” became nothing more than an old legend told to children. Using information provided by the satyr, Esme searched the Earth for this Book of Knowledge, for she was certain the spell needed to break her human curse would be found among its contents. This research led her to the awareness of capturing screams to help temporarily sustain her powers.
Name: Insanity
Alias: Crazy, Delusion, Disturbed, Unbalanced mind
Place of Origin: Unknown

I've been here since the beginning, not that I can remember all the way back that far! Sometimes I feel quite peaceful and think back to the first time I saw a living thing kill another just to watch it bleed. Sometimes I can barely remember where I am now and that makes me very angry! I'm what happens when a strong imagination is left to rot in a perfectly good head. I met silly ol' Mr. Scream Freak in England at Bedlam sometime in the late 1800's. He was very nice. He told me he wanted to play! He said he could show me lots of fun creatures who would play with me too, and promised I would never be alone! I've followed him across many dimensions and filled my pill bottle with the screams of so many humans. Hehe! When I hear them scream it's like a Merry-Go-Round and I yell, "MoRe, MoRe" and watch the people fall to the floor.... ah, but now I can't write anymore. :(  My head hurts and I lost my medicine! HaHaHa!@@!
Name: Croatoan
Alias: The Wolf
Place of Origin: Black Forests of North America

Croatoan's true origins are foggy at best. His lineage is suspected to come from a long line of half-man beasts, werewolves, demons, and the like. Worshipped by ancient European and American tribes, these creatures were brought sacrifices to satisfy their thirst for human blood. Included in some of these historical tales of worship, there was one about a tribe's leader that became so obsessed with the power the beasts possessed, that he wanted to become one himself. After several nights of planning, he set a trap for one of the wolf-like creatures. The trap seemed to work at first, as he caught the beast and was able walk up to it and attempt to steal its blood. Suddenly the creature broke free and was about to end the human's life with one swipe of its claw, when a bright light shown from deep in the woods, blinding the creature. It sprinted away quickly, leaving the tribe leader to wonder what happened. He turned towards the light and saw a man walking towards him. The man, dressed in white, commended the tribe leader on trapping a Son of Lucion. Then he offered him a deal. This strange new man would give the tribe leader the power he craved, if the tribe leader could in turn help the man in white gather screams. Using a pendant that the man in white handed over, this tribe leader would need to collect screams until it glowed without fading, then his debt would be paid. The man in white said he'd be watching and disappeared into the night.

Croatoan's handy work has been the cause of many mythological tales and campfire stories over the years. His name comes from the story of the Lost Colony of Roanoke Island. That name was the only thing left of the colony, scratched into the bark of a tree. Rarely seen by human eyes, Croatoan mostly comes out when the night is at it's darkest.
Name: Katerina Ivanhoff Lupinaninski
Alias: KIL, The Gypsy
Place of Origin: Russia

Katerina was part of a traveling gypsy troupe, a tight nit group of talented psychics and healers. At a very young age she was gifted with medicines and fortune telling. People would come from miles around to visit the traveling team to obtain potions, good luck, charms and fortunes from her. Very rarely would a person come to visit the troupe and not walk away with a satchel or bag of charms made with Katerina's talent. In her own group she was a tonic woman and a midwife. She was a well-respected member of her community and a talented healer until tragedy gripped everyone she had given care. Many women were having stillbirths and those who possessed one of her charms started becoming deathly ill.

The villagers blamed her for the disease now spreading within their small existence and deemed her not a healer, but a witch. She was ousted from her group and set out on her own to die in the cold mountains. On the last night of her life, as she sat freezing on the edge of the mountain, she cried for help one final time. Then a demon in the form of a timber wolf approached and made her an offer to save her life so she could enact revenge on those who had ousted her. In exchange, she would need to collect the screams of her victims in the pendant he was wearing around his neck. Once the pendant’s light shown brightest from the screams, she would have to return it to him and then she’d free to live her life. Some say the wolf was the devil himself, others say his name was Croatoan, the creature known to have caused massive human disappearances throughout the centuries.

Katerina wanders the land searching for more screams and killing off the bloodline of those who left her to die, the pendant secretly transformed into a trinket hidden on her person. Was she only tempted to blood magic to save her life or was she inherently evil to the core – a real witch before being cast out? Her story lives on today as a warning to those who would dare cross a gypsy that's traveling with an eclectic troupe during October.  Do you dare ask for your fortune to be told?
Name: Aleister Holmes
Alias: Chalchiuhtotolin
Place of Origin: Unknown Dimension

Formed in an unknown dimension, the Chalchiuhtotolin was called upon by the Aztec tribes of the 14th century. Called to Dimension III or Earth upon to take out enemies of the tribe, this trickster soon turned the tables on the tribe and became known as god of disease and plague. Now realizing his new powers in the Land of the Living, he traveled the world searching for more methods of torture and sickness. Sexual deviant, disgusting, perverse, grotesque, vile are just some of the adjectives used to describe this creature over the years. Located by Mr. Scream Freak while he was creating the Great Plague of London, Scream Freak offered him a human body. In exchange, Chalchiuhtotolin would have to capture and collect screams for Mr. Scream Freak. The agreement was made and Aleister Holmes was born. The name has changed a few times over the years, but this current version was chosen in the 1970's. Holmes favorite acitivies are watching his victims become violently sick, but not quite bad enough to die. Pray this bringer of pain and suffering grants you mercy and makes it quick.
Name: Lazaretto di Poveglia Isola (Po-vay-lee-ah)
Alias: Dr. Lazaretto
Place of Origin: France

Born in Marseille, France in 1726, Dr. Lazaretto (birth name unknown) grew up in the midst of post bubonic plague outbreak. As a child, he was told many stories of lost loved ones and the grotesque horrors the survivors endured as the disease took control of the city. Curious, as most children are, he would often go the mass graves in hopes of finding bones or other artifacts left behind by the ill. With one disappointing visit after another, he grew obsessed with the idea of finding human remains. The idea of having in his possession, a piece of a person, driven to an agonizing death grew to unstoppable hunger that followed him into adulthood. By the time he reached the age of 20, his secret hiding spot held 12 complete human skeletal remains.

Highly intelligent, he became fluent in many languages and excelled in mathematics and sciences in school. He also developed an interest in the progressiveness of the medical field of the 18th century, he then was one of the few to gain acceptance into the University of Edinburg’s Medical School. He studied under some of the greatest doctors of the time and assisted them as many medical advances were discovered and treatments created. Even as the atmosphere around supported only the ideas of health and healing, his sick obsession with illness, disease, death and suffering never wavered.

In the 40 plus years to follow he traveled Europe with his official title of Doctor, being called upon to heal the sick. While successfully healing most of his patients, many believe his purposefully watched as others fell intensely ill and died, all the while professing to the family he was doing all he could but the patient was too ill to save. It was when he was occasionally accused of doing so; for fear of being caught he would move far away only to take up these sadistic practices again and again.

Then in 1793, when a small case of the Bubonic plague appeared in Italy, he quickly offered his services as he was reminded of the childhood stories and ached at the thought of watching a plague victim wither and die. Transported to the lazaretto quarantine facility on Poveglia Island, he took up residence as the only doctor willing to treat these soon-to-be victims of the plague. The locals began to call him Dr. Lazaretto. He took to wearing the same doctors mask those of the original and most devastating Black Plague doctors wore. In the months to follow all those in quarantine died, and he remained on the island long after. The locals grew curious. One day a man named Holmes came to town looking for Dr. Lazaretto. He claimed to have “the answers the doctor seeked.” The locals sent Holmes to the island, but after a few days neither the doctor nor Holmes returned. Had they contracted the disease? Had they even treated any patients? Town folk were too afraid to go to the island, so these questions went unanswered. Years later, and still no sign of Dr. Lazaretto, some did get the courage to go. They found no trace of the doctor, his tools, or the man named Holmes, only a few articles of clothing. The boat left at the island for the doctor’s use was also gone. Dr. Lazaretto was never seen or heard from… for 140 years.

A man appearing in Nazi Germany just prior to Adolf Hitler’s reign as Chancellor of Germany, calling himself Dr. Lazaretto, offered his services to aid the Chancellor in his endeavors. Hitler accepted his offer. Whenever the Doctor was seen, he wore that same mask claiming to always be prepared, for anything. He became one of the official overseers of the mass murders of millions of people ordered by the Nazi’s. It is said that this Dr. Lazaretto appeared to exhibit a disturbing sense of enjoyment towards his position. He insisted on wearing a gas mask to ensure the deaths of these people held within the gas chambers, he needed to be inside with them just before their last breaths. He became jealous of Hitler’s power and control over the country and also had interest in the new German technology that Hitler was developing with creating a superior human race and biotechnology. Yearning for more power and technology, and to control the slow and painful deaths of others for his sick pleasure, was an addiction like no other. Having seen a weakness develop within Hitler over time, it is believed the doctor had a hand in Hitler’s death. His actions after Hitler died were those of some attempt take power over and enslave the human race. 

The 140 years between one Dr. Lazaretto and the next remain a mystery. However it’s hard to ignore the similarities between the men, with the same occupation and the same name.


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